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Temporary unions are a way for jihadists to efficiently use girls as sex slaves, while abiding by Koranic law, in their own eyes.

FILE – This file image made from video posted on a militant website Saturday, July 5, 2014, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, purports to show the leader of the Islamic State group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, delivering a sermon at a mosque in Iraq. (AP Photo/Militant video, File)
“Many families were also forced to migrate from the state’s northern town of Al Wafa after hundreds of residents received death threats,” the statement included.

Fox News reports that several of the girls were an early Yazidi,, Kurdish-speaking minority targeted by the Islamic State. Fox also warns that Al- Libi isn’t to be mistaken with a terrorist of the exact same name who helped carry out embassy bombings in East Africa in 1998 that killed hundreds of individuals.

The report comes soon following the terrorist group purportedly issued a guide on the best way to treat female slaves, which lets jihadist militants to rape them.

The guide also says even should militants never have yet reached puberty that they can have sex by making use of their prisoners.

TheBlaze wasn’t able to independently confirm the report.

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    The Supreme Court agreed to hear a fresh challenge to President Barack Obama’s healthcare law.

    The justices said they’ll decide if the law authorizes subsidies that help numerous low- and mid-income individuals afford their health insurance premiums.

    This picture shot Friday, Oct. 3, 2014, reveals the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington. A Supreme Court duration that’s beginning Monday, Oct. 6, 2014, with a deficiency of headline-grabbing cases may finish with a hit that helps define the heritage of the court under Chief Justice John Roberts. That is since the supreme court justices seem likely to undertake the matter of same-sex marriage and determine whether lesbian and homosexual couples have a constitutional right to Wednesday. 

    The Internal Revenue Service regulations that permit health insurance tax credits under the Affordable Care Act for consumers were upheld by a federal appeals court. Opponents claim that a large part are not legal.

    In July, a Richmond, Virginia-based appeals court upheld Internal Revenue Service regulations that allow health insurance tax credits under the Affordable Care Act for consumers.

    A panel of appellate judges sided with all the competitions in striking down the IRS regulations. The Washington court held that in states known as exchanges, financial aid may be supplied just below regulations.

    The government said in court documents that the exchanges are running and that almost 5 million individuals receive subsidies that enable them to buy medical insurance.

    For those exchange consumers that are national, the subsidies cover 76 percent of the premiums. Customers pay a mean on overall monthly premiums. The federal subsidy a month makes up the difference.

    The long-running legal and political effort to overturn or prohibit the 2010 health overhaul will soon make its second appearance in the Supreme Court.

    The justices upheld the spirit of the law -4 verdict in the year 2012 in which the crucial vote was provided by Chief Justice John Roberts.

    In the appeal Friday accepted, adversaries of the subsidies claimed that the problem should be resolved by the court now since it involves billions of dollars in public cash assets.

    The supreme court seldom measures into a case unless a law or regulation was ruled invalid when there isn’t any disagreement among federal appellate courts.

    But at least four justices, needed to give a review, seemingly agreed against the competitions the problem is vital enough to determine now.

    In October, the whole Washington appeals court threw out the panel’s opinion, removing the so-called circuit schism and voted to rehear the case. That case recedes in relevance using the Supreme Court’s action, although the appeals argument that is scheduled for December 17.

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    I wanted to fill everyone in on an exciting announcement our campaign has made. We have taken on a senior advisor, Jo Ann Davidson, who will help our campaign team with the strategic aspects of running a national campaign of this caliber. For many people who do not know who Jo Ann is, this blog post should offer a great opportunity for you to meet her, and understand her expertise.

    Jo Ann was elected the first female Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives in 1995. Shortly after her run in the Ohio House of Representatives, Speaker Davidson was elected Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee from 2005 to 2009. During her tenure at the RNC, she was the Chairwomen of the 2008 Republican National Convention. She currently serves as the director of American Crossroads, a 527 that came into the 2010 election cycle with a vengeance, raising copious amount of money and targeting hard-fought congressional districts in which  the Republican candidate was competitive.

    Speaker Davidson is an expert in micro-targeting, and her experience will bring an essence to this race that NO other CRNC chair race has ever brought. We’ve taken the philosophy that our campaign will seek the advice of any and every professional in the business, especially those who have been around as long as Speaker Davidson.

    In our platform, we discussed partnerships with other political organizations and working together with professionals. We’ve done that in Ohio with the Ohio Republican Party, and our campaign is continuing to live by this strategy as we move forward in the campaign. Speaker Davidson is one of many professionals that our campaign will seek advice from throughout this campaign. Its one thing to have an endorsement from a leader like Speaker Davidson, its another to have her helping our campaign!

    We intend to run this campaign the same way our team would run the CRNC: by seeking the advice of professionals who have been around a lot longer than we have. The CRNC currently does this with Frontier Strategies, and our commitment to continue this strategy is shown by the addition of Speaker Davidson as our senior advisor. We realize as CRs, we sometimes don’t know everything- we haven’t been around long enough. That is why it is important to continue to grow relationships like this; not just on the campaign trail, but also in the CRNC national office.

    Besides consulting on political matters, Speaker Davidson brings an extra component to the campaign that no other candidate has shown a dedication too: coalition building. She has made it her passion in life to increase the participation of women in the Republican Party. This is why she is the Chairwomen of the Jo Ann Davidson Leadership Institute for Women. In Ohio, Jonathon has taken part in this coalition building during his tenure as Chairman of the Ohio College Republican Federation. His Executive board not only consists of four women (Executive Director, Communications Director, Secretary and Finance Director) but also two African-Americans (Co-Chairman and Field Director). Coalition building is important in getting more young conservative involved in the Republican Party (and subsequently the College Republicans). It is our job as College Republican leaders to make sure that the next generation of the Republican Party is reaching out to all Conservatives.  We intend to make this a primary focus of our campaign, as we will role out more policy initiatives in the near future regarding this exact topic.

    Stay tuned for more blog posts from the team while on the campaign trail!

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    Columbus, OH: Chairman of the Ohio College Republican Federation (OCRF), Jonathon Snyder, has announced his candidacy to become the next Chairman of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) and direct the organization into the 2012 election cycle. Snyder is heading the Innovate CRNC team, which has launched its website today.

    “The future of the College Republican National Committee hangs in the balance with this election. We can either talk about moving the CRNC forward, or we can lead the organization with an innovative approach that will ensure success in 2012 and beyond. We have been able to accomplish this exact feat in Ohio, and intend on doing the same nationally,” said Snyder.Johnathan Salant

    Under his leadership, the OCRF has increased from 31 chapters in 2008 to 59 chapters actively engaged during the 2010 election cycle. In 2010, Ohio College Republicans made over 225,000 documented phone calls and knocked on 42,000 doors for Ohio Republican candidates, winning 10 of 12 targeted Ohio House seats as well as sweeping the Ohio statewide executive offices.

    “I have had the great privilege to work with Jonathon over the past two years as Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. Without the work of his team during that time, we would not have been able to capitalize so completely on the opportunities that 2010 brought us,” said Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine. “That is why we awarded the organization he leads as our 2010 Ohio Republican Organization of the Year. I have full confidence in Jonathon’s ability to continue to lead and innovate College Republicans at the national level. The national organization would surely benefit from his leadership, as we have in Ohio.”

    Snyder’s campaign has also been unanimously endorsed by the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee.  One of those members, former Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee, first female Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, and senior advisor to the Innovate CRNC team, Jo Ann Davidson, shares a similar sentiment with Chairman DeWine.

    “As someone who has served at the national level before, I know the commitment and leadership necessary to perform well in such a position. With the record Jonathon has compiled as Chairman of the OCRF, and his innovative approach to building a long-lasting organization, I know he is the right choice to lead the CRNC into the future.”

    Snyder also serves as the CRNC’s Midwestern Regional Vice-Chair, where his leadership abilities have been recognized by several other states.

    “After being elected to lead a federation is disarray, it was difficult just knowing where to begin. Jonathon was extremely influential in helping our team get back on our feet, even though he didn’t have to be. Because of his help, we were able to play a crucial role in the 2010 elections here in West Virginia,” expressed Aaron Kidd, Chairman of the West Virginia Federation of College Republicans.

    The College Republican National Committee is one of largest 527′s in the nation, serving as the voice of young conservatives since 1892. The CRNC is well known for its issue advocacy, such as the current “Don’t Put it on Our Tab” campaign, as well as “Operation Red November,” its Fall field and deployment effort to mobilize College Republicans across the country. The biennial election for Chair will be help on July 30, 2011 in Washington, D.C.

    For more information about Snyder’s campaign, or to give your suggestions on how to innovate the CRNC, visit his website at

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